Vimeo: Introducing Couch Mode


Vimeo: Introducing Couch Mode

In a slightly off-topic yet still relevant announcement, Vimeo introduced their “Couch Mode”. What is Couch Mode? Here’s what they have to say:

“We know that you already like Vimeo, but what about couches? TVs? Wouldn’t it be great to watch Vimeo from your couch… on your TV!? We thought so too, and today we are happy to announce the launch of Couch Mode. Couch Mode is a special new section of Vimeo that allows you to watch collections of videos (such as Staff Picks, your inbox, your videos, etc.) completely uninterrupted like a TV channel. Just press play and grab the popcorn.

That’s not all. You can still do many of things you already do on the site today: like clips, add them to your Watch Later playlist, and get more information about videos and other users. We’re extremely excited about the potential!

Couch Mode is optimized for Google TV and will be available in the Spotlight section soon. Don’t have a Google TV? No worries, Couch Mode will work on your desktop too. However, we use a lot of HTML5 and CSS3 technology for this (no Flash!), so at the moment it will only work on Chrome and Safari.

You can navigate around using either the mouse or the keyboard via arrow and return keys. Hitting escape at anytime will bring you back to the currently playing video and clear any overlays. Of course, we also recommend hooking your computer up to the biggest screen you can find!”

Looks pretty rad. A certain step in the right direction.