Urban Futurists: Bike Tab Final Pitch


Urban Futurists: Bike Tab Final Pitch

The last time I posted about Bike Tab, everyone voiced their opinion. I even had an email correspondence with one of the creators of the app who confirmed a few points and explained Urban Futurist’s intentions a little bit more. Here’s the final pitch for the Bike Tab promo videos and this is what they have to say about Bike Tab this time around:

The Yoxi design competition asked us to to produce a solution to a problem: how do we get occasional cyclists to adopt cycling as a part of their everyday life? Bike Tab is a mobile application that connects cyclists to each other through rewards, games, motivations and challenges. It also connects cyclists to their city with route sharing, bike storage information and personal trip statistics. Bike Tab makes cycling a fun, seamless and rewarding part of your everyday life. Urban Futurists believe that if riding your bike is a game, everyone wins.

I think it’s a great idea. Are you guys still in hater mode? What do you think?

Urban Futurists: Bike Tab