Tuesday Teardown: Zoroaster – Matador


Tuesday Teardown: Zoroaster – Matador

“Black Hole”

Atlanta doom metal rockers Zoroaster’s newest album, Matador doesn’t do much to cloak their experimental nature. From the first highly-acclaimed self-titled LP to Dog Magic and to their 2009 release, Voice of Saturn, the band has grown from within and found their inner sanctum.

As if that album cover doesn’t allude to this fact enough: the band has gone a bit psychedelic in the past year. Much like their work before, Zoroaster’s sound is filled with slowly-droning intros and unlike their last album, which was clearly defined as southern doom, the riffs of guitarist Will Fiore takes the listener down the rabbit hole into a hazy place filled with psych rock riffs. Throughout most of the album, these trippy moments wonder aimlessly around, track by track, never really stumbling upon any significant moments.

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