Tuesday Teardown: Nierty – Acolytes Of The Descent


Tuesday Teardown: Nierty – Acolytes Of The Descent

“Acolytes Of The Descent” from Acolytes Of The Descent

If you’re a vile being who despises humanity and all that exudes from this wretched planet then I’ve got the album for you! Blackened death metallers Nierty are back with another swift blow to the head. In their spine-crushing debut on Vrangsinn from Carpathian Forests “fuck you” record label Misantrof, the crew delivers blow after blow of crucially-blackened death metal.

I really have no idea where to start with Acolytes of the Descent. The entire album is just one big depressing clusterfuck. “Acolytes Of The Descent” opens with some classic death metal and then the dark skies set in, creating enough diamond dust to wipe out the scourge known as the human race. As the populace dies and life on Earth ceases to exist, Nierty summons the demons from within and unleases “Ashes To The Grinding Stone”, a sure way to eradicate all evidence. So brutal.

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