Tuesday Teardown: Maim – Deceased To Exist


Tuesday Teardown: Maim – Deceased To Exist

“Evil Smell Of Death” off Deceased To Exist

If there ever was a band to perfect the OSDM sound, they’d have to hail from Åtvidaberg, Linköping, Östergötlands län, Sweden. Maim is just that band. Their 2009 release, From the Tomb to the Womb is only outshined by their newest release, Deceased To Exist. While I can rattle off a dozen or so bands that purvey the classic vibrations and virtues of the late 80′s death metal sound, Maim’s one of the better class acts.

Deaceased to Exist, even on the first rotation is one of the better OSDM releases of recent months. Everything is carefully orchestrated and through the distortion and reverb, stellar songwriting shines through the murky depths. “Gravedigger Sacrifice” and “Morbid Desecration” are perfect examples. Both songs are commanded by Rikard’s vile and vomitous vocals. Various shifts in tempo, breaks and collisions dogpile on top of the already complex song craft. The lyrics somehow flow and each track packs a kick to the gut.

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