Tuesday Teardown: Kylesa – Spiral Shadow


Tuesday Teardown: Kylesa – Spiral Shadow

“Tired Climb” off Spiral Shadow

I’ve got southern pride. This pride goes deep. From food, to culture to music, I can get on a soap box about the South. Particularly the music coming out of the Savannah scene. I spent a greater part of my teen years going to house shows in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Many bands came out of the late 90′s Savannah scene. The most prominent being DAMAD. Their unique sound mutated and evolved into the now Kylesa. Taking the crusty-doom sound to new levels, the Savannah-band just released their newest album, Spiral Shadow. As the name and cover art implies, Spiral Shadow has many psychedelic overtones; personal reflection and survival. Introspective themes litter Spiral Shadow. Coming strong off of 2009′s successful release, Static Tensions, the band has picked up a few new tricks.

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