Tuesday Teardown:  Electric Wizard – Black Masses


Tuesday Teardown: Electric Wizard – Black Masses

This Tuesday Teardown is a day late due to a scheduling error but it’s too good to not post! If you know me, then you’ll know that I’m a huge Electric Wizard fan. As far as I’m concerned, they are one of the only bands still alive today that have perfected the occult-influenced stoner doom machine. While many try to emulate their sadistic style, only the ‘Wizard can come close to cultivating such an original and ground-breaking sound. Their seventh full-release, Black Masses was released today and I’ve already listened to it a dozen times. Following the hallowed Witchcult Today, Black Masses continues the dark and trippy direction the band had earlier laid forth for their fans.

Don’t expect dumb metal here. The one thing that is most apparent on Black Masses is the songwriting. It stands out from their other LPs and that’s a hard task. Everything on Black Masses is dialed into perfection. The riffs are tight and the drums are sharp. Jus Oborn’s vocals are as sedated as ever and combined with Liz Buckingham, Shaun Rutter and Tas’ creativity, the band delivers one solid performance. Adding to this mix is a clean and crisp production quality while still maintaining the audio patina that makes Electric Wizard’s sound so timeless; something Witchcult Today lacked in my opinion.

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