Tuesday Teardown: Dishammer – Vintage Addiction


Tuesday Teardown: Dishammer – Vintage Addiction

“Smoke Of Death” off Vintage Addiction

The resurgence of d-beat, or in this case, dis-beat over the last few years has been one of the best things to come to metal. From the once black metal act Darkthrone’s take on it to the throwback sounds of Depressor, Sanctum and Dishammer, dis-beat is quickly gaining momentum. Made famous by Discharge, the sounds of dis-beat are easy to recognize: a swift snare, a quick kick and a symbol crash. Lyrics are shouted in quick bursts and the cycle repeats.

“Exterminate The Parasite” off Vintage Addiction

Dishammer’s newest album, Vintage Addiction is straight up circle-pit d-beat at its finest. Dive right in, throw some bows and shred the mutherfuckin’ gnar! Be sure to check out their newest EP, Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark as well as their full-length Vintage Addiction!