Tuesday Teardown: Bongripper – Sex Tape/Snuff Film 7″


Tuesday Teardown: Bongripper – Sex Tape/Snuff Film 7″

“Sex Tape” off Sex Tape/Snuff Film 7″

It’s Tuesday Teardown and this one will make you break your chain in a furious sprint!

All hail the mighty motherfucking BONGRIPPER. The Chicago four-piece has been wrecking speakers and houses for so long that any other band with BONG in their name must drink their bong water. When this band releases an album, much less a 7″, marijuana plants worldwide bud up and release a pheromone that entices pot smokers and riff-heads to spark one up!

Sex Tape/Snuff Film picks up right where the god dammed juggernaut Satan Worshipping Doom left off last year. Expect the gravity defying riffs to crunch your speakers and Beelzebub himself to grace your opium den with pentagrams and naked whores. Put on “Sex Tape” and daze the fuck out. As the first riffs drop, the sky rumbles and walls collapse as the heaviness sets in, obliterating everything in its path. BOOM!

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