TRE3E Fixed


TRE3E Fixed

So stoked this has finally been launched! Flavio has been working hard.

TRE3E has been working on a film project for a while now. This creative project has pulled together an eclectic group of collaborators and sources of inspiration to show TRE3E’s connection to it’s home city of São Paulo, Brazil. We are now proud to show what it is we do in the workshop, what TRE3E bikes represents on the streets of São Paulo, and how we are bringing fixed gear culture to Brazil.

TRE3E Fixed was filmed at our headquarters and warehouse,on Avenida Paulista, and at the velodrome where Brazilian gold medal cyclist Vanderlei Silva tested out our frame and gave it his full approval.

TRE3E is always looking for innovation and creativity in it’s designs, whether it be our track frames, handlebars, or any of our other quality products. Fixed gear scene is growing fast here with us.”

I even heard something about the Circulus being involved in a future project?