Traveling Tip: Dry Your Kit in a Hotel Towel


Traveling Tip: Dry Your Kit in a Hotel Towel

Towel and Bibs-1

I spend a lot of time on the road, with my bike and over the past few months, I’ve dialed in just how many kits I need in that time. Say, for instance, I’m going to Santa Cruz for four days. I’ll bring one kit and never have to wear it dirty because of this one trick I’ve learned over the years of life on the road.

Check out the details below!

Towel and Bibs-1

The trick is, take a dry, clean hotel towel and fold it length-wise, so it’s about 12″ wide. Lay your bibs out on the towel.

Towel and Bibs-2

Then roll the towel up.

Towel and Bibs-3

Until it’s in a nice little burrito roll.

Towel and Bibs-4

… stand on it for around a minute, moving back and forth across the roll. When you take your bibs out, they’ll be almost dry, depending on the fabric. Merino-based bibs will be bone dry, tech bibs will take about 20 minutes to air dry.

Repeat for jerseys, arm warmers, jackets, vests, socks.

This trick has saved me from many stinky bib rides and I thought I’d save you from the same!