Tramnesia: Outlier Making of a Shirt Part 1 of 10


Tramnesia: Outlier Making of a Shirt Part 1 of 10

Remember the last Tramnesia video I posted about Outlier? Well, here’s the first part, of 10, in the series. Check out the press-release here:

Tramnesia is pleased to announce the release of its latest video documentary, Outlier: Making of a Shirt.

Outlier is a small clothing company based in Brooklyn, NY, owned by Abe Burmeister and Tyler Clemens. Their clothes are inspired by the sartorial challenges of urban bike commuting — how to ride comfortably to work without having to change upon arrival. Having initially tackled pants, Outlier turns their attention to the dress shirt. Outlier: Making of a Shirt follows Abe and Tyler as they go through the process of designing and producing the shirt.

There’s more below.

Outlier: Making of a Shirt is the latest addition to Tramnesia’s ongoing series of videos profiling small, owner-operated businesses. Instead of the standard sit-down interview illustrated by contrived demonstrations of work, however, Outlieris a longer-format study (trt: 55 min) that considers this small business by watching them work over time.

This documentary has two objectives: to learn about Outlier and their working methods, as well as to observe how a garment is actually made. It shows how Abe and Tyler do what they do by introducing the viewer to the typically invisible world of garment production. We know they make clothes but how do they actually do it? It’s one thing to hear clothing designers talk about their methods; it’s a rarer thing altogether to witness the employment of those methods. This documentary, consequently, offers a candid look by observing, for example, Abe and Tyler try on sample after sample, discuss revisions with their pattern maker, fabric shopping, and by following Tyler as he schleps from the factory to the office a large box of t-shirts that he will prepare for mailing. A good deal of time is devoted to observing how the fabric is cut and then sewn together to produce the actual shirt. Ultimately we see how garment production is a highly elaborated process and how small businesses, like Outlier, within this industry depend upon each other for their survival and success.

Outlier: Making of a Shirt will be released serially in ten parts over a period of two weeks.

Outlier: Making of a Shirt