Touring Essentials 03: Pack List


Touring Essentials 03: Pack List


So here it is, just about everything I’m taking with me on my trip. A few things are missing but that’s the gist of it. Sometimes, it helps to lay it all out and soak it in. A pack list is essential for planning any trip. This was the second time I laid it out and pulled a lot of it out, to the side. I am trying to go as light as possible, all things considered. My bike weighs 29lbs without the bags and this is under 50lbs worth of stuff. Not too shabby. If I find carrying certain items to be too much, I’ll just ship them back.

For a full list, check out more below.

-outlier merino hoodie
-outlier shorts
-2 outlier merino tees
-3 pairs icebreakers 120 boxers
-2 Bibs
-3 Jerseys
-arm, leg warmers.
-4 pairs of socks
-2 caps
-sneakers, flip flops, cycling shoes
-GORE bike wear rain jacket

-MacBook Pro (charger not pictured)
-iPod / charger
-3 CF cards and reader
-Ricoh GR1
-Canon AE-1
-7D (not pictured)
-4+ rolls of film

-cable lock
-2 tubes
-spare brake cable
-2 patch kits
-tire levers
-misc. hardware (screws, etc)
-multi tool

-ultralight cookset
-pocket rocket (fuel once I get there)

-quick-dry towel
-bag balm
-detergent paper
-zinc oxide / sunblock
-tea tree oil
-tooth paste / brush

-bag liner
-thermarest neo air (thanks for the recommendation guys!)

not pictured:
– 4 panniers
– handlebar bag and maps
– 3 water bottles