Tough Guy


Tough Guy


Andy, the Track Cunt over at Fyxomatosis just posted a design for a new shirt he’s producing next week. Made me laugh.

Look people, this is what real track racers look like!

The real reason why I posted this is because of a recent event that made my day. I was ghost-riding my Milwaukee over to Affinity to replace my bottom bracket. There aren’t that many bike lanes in the neighborhood and a lot of the drivers around here hate any inconvenience in the form of two wheels, much less two wheels pushing another set of wheels alongside it, so I took some back roads to a nearby bike lane en route to the shop. As I’m going the right way down the block, a kid riding a track bike no-handed while talking on his phone is coming at me, going the wrong way, in the bike lane. As I squeeze by, he says to me “outta the way meat head”…

Now if only I had been wearing this shirt…