Toofer – Bass Pressure vol.3


Toofer – Bass Pressure vol.3


This mix from Toofer is going straight on the ipod and I’m cranking out to it all weekend. Seriously, this is the dubstep that makes you want to break shit!

1.Substep Infrabass – The_Unstoppable (Apparition Records)
2.Bar 9 – Triple Drop (White Label)
3.Torqux – Relentless (Original) (Wicky Lindows)
4.Substep Infrabass – 666 (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
5.Chase & Statu – Saxon (Ram Records)
6.Pendulum – showdown (Excision RMX) (Ear Storm)
7.ED Solo – Watch Your Eyes (Sludge)
8.Bar 9 – Gun Slinger (White Label)
9.JFB – Time Collapse (Sludge)
10.Substep Infrabass – 666 (Paranoise remix)
11.Matt Green – Final Straw (Base Corrupt)
12.Nero – Go Back (Audio Freaks)
13.Nero – End Of The World (Audio Freaks)
14.Bar 9 – Selled Souls (White Label)
15.Sub Scape – Transaction (Dub Police)

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