Tom LaMarche in Philly 2007


Tom LaMarche in Philly 2007

Photo by Jose Martinez – click to enlarge

A key sign as to how far the fixed gear freestyle scene has come in 2 years.

Here’s Tom in Philly, on November 25th, 2007, gapping the waterfront ledges. Tom was still on his BMW with 28c tires, narrow bars and had just gotten sponsored by Profile. At the time, we were all blown away that he hit that line. Now just about anyone would be able to do it and few people could probably 180 it.

Ah memories. Here’s a little back-story…

We had all met at the MASH SF premiere in NYC at the Battle at the Banks; Wilis, Tony, Tom and I. Shortly afterwards, Jose took the Chinatown bus down with Luke and Wilis. The plan was to film for a new project called Bootleg Sessions. While Luke was filming, Jose took a ton of shots of the crew. That’s the day Jose caught this sequence.

This was all after the first Peel Sessions competition. I remember trying to convince them to drive up to NYC on a Thursday night for the comp. They did and Cahill’s car made the cover of the first DVD. We became friends and still to this day, this crew of guys are my core homies.

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