Tokyo Fixed Gear: Nitto Factory Visit and Craft Stem & RB0010 Bars


Tokyo Fixed Gear: Nitto Factory Visit and Craft Stem & RB0010 Bars



Max from Tokyo Fixed Gear visited the Nitto factory recently to check in on a very important collaboration he’s been working on. Like Shop Features posts, the photos and video are worth checking out but first, on to the Tokyo Fixed Gear x Nitto Craft Stem and RB0010 Bars.

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Craft Stem
Last year we met with Nitto to discuss collaberating on a series of handle bars. On Nitto president, Mr Yoshikawa’s table we saw the Craft stem’s headbadge. Sitting there alone as an ornament with no stem. I asked if it had ever been used on a stem. His answer was that they had done similar stems up to the 1970’s but had always wanted to bring it back. My obvious reaction was well lets make one now. And thats what Nitto did.

The Nitto Craft is the ultimate statement of Nitto’s art. No other company can mass produce a fillet brazed stem like at this kind of quality. And for at least 20 years I don’t think anyone has. I expect this stem will find its way onto some very nice builds, road or track.


Rb0010 Bars
Designed by Tokyo Fixed in collaberation with Nitto. They are similar to the Nitto RB002’s but with a bit more of a fierce look. The grip next to the stem clamp is straight with a slight drop reminiscent of the Nitto Tsubo bars. The extended grip is short with a slight rise to keep your hands steady when your sprinting. These bars are perfect for fixed riders who like to get agressive…. on their bike.

And here’s the Tokyo Fixed Gear visit to Nitto video.

So rad. Check out more photos and information at Tokyo Fixed Gear!