Tokyo Bike Shop: Sexon Super Peace


Tokyo Bike Shop: Sexon Super Peace


This week, I’ll be posting a few Tokyo Bike Shop reviews amongst the normal content. Make sure you check them out because these shops are littered with bike porn!

Sexon Super Peace is a block or so away from Dreamworks in Shibuya, Tokyo. The street presence is undeniable. Flashy 3Renshos sit a few feet from the sidewalk, a beautiful Path Racer adorns the windows and the minimalist interiors create the perfect backdrop for beautiful bikes from all over.

from inside – to out

The shop is littered with vintage and new track bike goods. It was really tempting not to blow my budget on some NOS Campy bits for my Merckx. Not to mention all the wheels!

through the rear triangles

Countless frames hang from the ceiling, all reasonably priced, walls of brightly-colored saddles lines the shelves, NOS Campy goodies and a plethora of vintage wheels.

beautiful Renshos

As I said, these Renshos are probably the most beautiful bikes I saw on the trip. Aside from a few minor building faux pas, they would really cause a stir at any bike show. I wouldn’t even guess at what the full builds would sell for!

Major Taylor style adjustable track stem

This vintage path racer has become the icon for the shop. I remember seeing the front of the shop a while back and it certainly stuck in my head. Very proper build. Period correct.

saddles saddles saddles

Sexon has one of the best saddle selections I’ve ever seen at a bike shop. This is only a fraction of their saddle stock. Down below and to the sides are boxes filled with vintage and new saddles, perfect for any build.


What shop isn’t complete with a building area? What stuck out the most to me when I was visiting shops in Tokyo was the lack of building areas and work stands. I don’t think I saw a single work stand at any of the track bike shops. The building areas were super tiny too. Just big enough to build one bike at a time. I guess, in the end, that’s all you really need!

So next time you’re in Tokyo, head on over to Sexon Super Peace and be prepared to drop some Yen!