Threadless Bottom-Brackets


Threadless Bottom-Brackets

Yes. You heard me right. Velo Orange has a nice posting giving us a sneak peek at a new product in development; a threadless bottom bracket. Have an old Swiss or French frame and having a hard time finding a bottom-bracket with the right threads? Don’t wanna fork out for a custom Phil? Or maybe your Cinelli’s threads are stripped. Well, this could be the answer.

From their blog post:

We’re going to try it on a few frames before ordering, but the quality looks great. The bearing are big sealed cartridges with serious weather seals. The body and cup are alloy with nice machining. The axle is chromo steel, but not hollow. As for the colors, we can have that changed; maybe lime green?

If all goes well we should see these arrive in about 3 months. The first shipment will probably be 107mm, 110mm, and 113mm lengths. We don’t have final pricing yet, but I would guess they will run around $75.

The reason why this is so interesting to me is because it was a simple idea, taken to a manufacturer to address a specific problem. Less than a month later, there’s a sample to be tested. If I had the resources, I’d be machining some stuff up as we speak!

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