The Rebirth of BMX Frame: Kool Thing


The Rebirth of BMX Frame: Kool Thing

This is pretty rad. I’ll always support Made in the USA products and when it comes to BMX manufacturing, Dave Harrison has been in the scene for longer than most of us have been riding bikes. He has been building BMX frames since the 90’s, most recently, for FBM and now he’s starting his own company. This video introduces his newest endeavor, the Kool Thing BMX frame.

“When I grew up riding BMX in the 80’s, the sport was very popular and it seemed like the BMX industry would never stop growing. Then in the early 90’s, the interest in our sport just seemed to fizzle. Bike companies started going under, magazines promoting the sport stopped being printed, and riders lost their sponsors. During this time, the people who were truly passionate about the sport stepped up and started to rebuild BMX. People like Mat Hoffman started doing their own contests and others followed his lead. At this time, BMX riders started to make their own videos, print their own magazines, and even started to build the BMX frames themselves. This time is called the rebirth of BMX and is my inspiration for this project. Much like those companies involved in the rebirth of BMX, Pedal Driven Cycles is being founded to create an avenue for people and their friends to enjoy the thrill of riding a bike.”

Check out more at the Kick-Starter page. Best of luck Dave! He’s so close to his goal, anything will help him out.