The Radavist Presents: CORBA/MWBA/IMBA Ken Burton Trail Day

Last Sunday, Ace from the Sleepers and I met up with volunteers from CORBA, MWBA and IMBA to work on the Ken Burton trail in the San Gabriel mountains. While most of our time was spent working, Ace got a good amount of video from the day, along with some great interviews…

“Corba’s Steve Messer leads the charge for the Ken Burton Trail Day. Watch Steve and good friends Robin and Michael as they lead the charge to get Ken Burton Trail back to its prime. With this trail opening, you will have the accessibility to connecting Brown Mountain to the Arroyo and Gabrielino trail. The Trail is slated to open up Spring of 2016.”

Shot and Edited by Ace Carretero TheSleepers.la
Sound Design by Riccardo Stanley Mejia