The Post Carry Co Transfer Case Looks Like It Could Be the Best Bike Travel Bag!

Traveling by plane or train with a bike just got easier. With the Post Carry Co Transfer Case, ride to the airport or station with it strapped to your back, and pack your bike upon your arrival. It’s a completely secure case, that packs so small there’s even a chance you won’t be charged the bike fee. The thing that’s so genius about this case is its size and ease of transport. I hate showing up somewhere and asking my host to store my big case somewhere. The Transfer Case is small, with two sizes available. The 135L fits up to a 56cm bike and measures 91.5 x 71.5 x 23.0cm or 36.0 x 28.1 x 9.0” and the 150L fits up to a 62cm bike and measures 96.5 x 76.5 x 23.0cm or 38.0 x 30.1 x 9.0”. That’s tiny! See more at Post Carry Co.