The Philly Bike Expo is This Weekend and Here’s a Teaser


The Philly Bike Expo is This Weekend and Here’s a Teaser


So I’ve been building up to my Icarus MAX track bike for some time, showing you teasers and hyping it up with bling upon bling of beautiful components. If you think you’re ready to see this bike, then know for sure that I’m as anxious. A while back, Ian emailed me a few photos, one of which I’m sharing with you now. You’ll have to come to the Philly Bike Expo and see this bike before I can get my camera lens on it!

Ok, ok, I’m kidding, there’s a few more photos below!


First, Ian and Marty at Geekhouse made a 1 1/8″ collaboration fork since we couldn’t find a suiting modern fork to fit the bike. This came out awesome but the thing I’m most stoked about is the head tube cluster.


Pretty bad ass huh? I have never, ever seen lug windows in a bi-lam constructed frame. This bike is going to be fucking sick and mark my words, if I see a builder bite this, I will reign upon thee with the power of Odin. Asgard’s hordes need to be fed!

Ian is one talented dude. Save your pennies and put a deposit down. You won’t be sorry!