The NOTCHAS Scrawl Kit by Endo Customs


The NOTCHAS Scrawl Kit by Endo Customs

This whole project looks incredible and I love Chas’ explanation of the process.

“I had toyed with the idea of creating a kit for years, but I only work in analog, hand drawing at full scale, so the digital aspect of kit design always halted my efforts. Then Bobby from Endo Customs in LA reach out with a solution. He printed out the kit template full size and sent it my way, after 4 weeks, 11 paint pens, untold jammers and countless hours I sent back the template covered in my art. Here you have a hand drawn kit, expertly rendered into print by Endo customs! I don’t even remember all the little things hidden in this kit, surprises of stoke for years to come!”

You can pre-order this kit, made by Endo Customs in Los Angeles at the NOTCHAS Store.