The Not Even Close to Being a Holiday Shopping Guide


The Not Even Close to Being a Holiday Shopping Guide


This website is a resource for a lot of great cycling products. In fact, more of the collective time spent on the site than I’m willing to admit is spent scouring the internet or the products email inbox for unique, high-quality and when possible, made in the USA goods. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten bombarded with “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” and other sales. To the point where I decided not to do a traditional cycling-related holiday shopping guide. Instead, I’ll simply point out a few non-cycling related products that have caught my eye over the past few months.

I don’t want to encourage consumerism anymore than I feel like this site already does, but I do want to showcase a few products that a few of the contributors to the site, including myself have been more than happy with owning. Hell, some of these things are on my own wish list! Most are made in the USA but a few are not. Again this isn’t a cyclist’s holiday guide as much as it is a list of a few unique products that people you know might be interested in. There are only ten items, ranging from $3 to $500, so don’t expect too much of a surprise!


Joey Roth’s Steel Speaker

Joey Roth is a designer in the truest sense of the word. His work includes posters, tea pots, ceramics, typography and speakers. Yes, speakers. I have his ceramic speaker set and couldn’t be happier with their sound and look. Recently, Joey designed this steel speaker and the audiophile in you will love the cross-section diagram explaining how this seemingly small speaker delivers such powerful sound. They’re wireless, omnidirectional, made in Portland, Oregon and available in graphite or raw for $500 for a early 2016 delivery. If the steel speaker is out of your price range, be sure to check out his other work. If you’re in Portland, make sure you swing by his studio on the weekends to see it in person!


West Mountaineering Flash Pant

Everyone knows that shorts are the most ideal garment for riding a bike, but sometimes at night, way up in those hills, your shorts aren’t going to cut it. I always have a pair of these packed away while touring or bike packing.


National Parks Pass

If you or someone you know are the outdoorsy type, frequent national parks far and wide, then consider a National Parks Pass and don’t worry about entry fees.


Pendleton’s National Parks Blankets

Speaking of parks, Pendleton’s National Parks Blankets are the best. Made in Pendleton, Oregon, warm as hell, brightly colored and they even give all the proceeds to the National Park Foundation!


Blendtec Blender

When you’re healthy, you can enjoy riding bikes even more. Part of being healthy is making your own juices, shakes and smoothies. Blendtec makes bomb-proof blenders right here in the USA and offer various models, all designed to suit your needs.


Kent Brushes and Combs

Kent Combs are the best. They’re classy, clean and rigid as hell. Made in England, for men and women at a price that won’t break your bank. You can find them locally for around $3…


Ortlieb Coffee Cone

On-the-go coffee has become a staple in my life. Whether it’s staying in a hotel, or camping, and even road-tripping, I’ll err on the side of self-sustained coffee. These Ortlieb Coffee Cones may not be flashy, or made from steel but they’ll dive to the bottom of a backpack or bag without a moment’s hesitation. Add in a Coffee Sock for zero paper waste while camping.


Birkenstock London Sandals

Birkenstock Londons are really great for riding bikes in and can be completely resoled once you wear through them. Preferred uses: Commuting, Touring, Bike Packing, and any ride which beer is involved.


Vibram Re-Sole Program

Did you know that Vibram will resole any shoe, boot, sandal or sneaker now? Put a nice, solid sole on your dress shoes or boots. Breathe life back into your favorite sandals or sneakers. All in the USA!


Simple Outdoor Escape Pod Coolers

These things are great. They fit in most panniers, or tuck away in the bottom of a backpack and they come in two sizes. The size large will fit a six pack and the size small, a decent sized lunch. I’ve been using mine periodically and while they don’t keep food as cold as a hard cooler, they make up for it in terms of weight and packability. Make sure you spring for the Tyvek sleeve to keep it all in place if you plan on bikepacking or touring with one.


Modernica’s Case Study® Desk Top Cylinder planters

Made in Los Angeles by Modernica and ranging from $89 up to $700, these planters are inspired by the Case Study Houses. These homes were experiments in American residential architecture sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine and went on to kickstart modern design in many ways here in the USA. These planters ship for free currently!


Other ideas: gift cards to your local bike shop, a record player, records, a film camera, film or even a freshly cooked meal. When you can, BUY LOCAL. Support independent businesses, love thy neighbor’s alcohol, spend more time riding with friends than shopping for them. A hug goes a long way and remember to respect nature, even if it is always trying to kill you.

Happy holidays from everyone here at the Radavist.