The Last Issue of Broken and Coastal is Now Available: Featuring All WTF Contributors


The Last Issue of Broken and Coastal is Now Available: Featuring All WTF Contributors

Our friends at Broken & Coastal announced the final issue of their wonderful print magazine. Here’s the info, straight from the source!

It’s easy to look at cycling and the outdoors as a place that brings people together, regardless of religion, skin color, sexuality, gender identity, or economic status—but this is not always the case. Even in 2020, there is still a huge fight for equality and representation in this industry, and there’s an equally huge need for allies in this fight.

Volume 05 of Broken & Coastal is dedicated to the badass women, trans, and non-binary folks that are leading the way in creating change in the cycling industry. Professional mountain biker, Veronique Sandler brings her dreams to life in the film Vision; photographer Tasha Lindemann reflects on Women’s Weekend at the legendary Catty/Posh trails; elite cyclist Ivy Audrain finds new meaning on the bicycle; and so much more.

Inspired to do our part in making the world a better place, we’re also swearing in a new role for the magazine as a tool to inspire creativity and give back to charity, starting with this issue. Proceeds from Volume 05 will be donated to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that provides crisis-intervention and suicide-prevention services to LGBTQ and queer-questioning youth nationwide.

We’re working on becoming a nonprofit as part our purpose-driven shift, so this process will definitely evolve, but for now we’re keeping it super simple and super transparent.

Here’s how it works: We’re offering the magazine on a sliding scale starting at $20. It cost us approximately $10 per issue to produce and print Volume 05, so if you pay $20, $10 will go to charity, and so on. The more money you contribute, the more money we can donate.

We are starting at $20 due to the global pandemic, but we know that some have been especially impacted, and we want to help. If you’ve been affected by COVID-19 and you want a print, message us for a discount code and we’ll ship you a copy for half the price. As always, you can find digital versions of all five issues of Broken & Coastal on our website.