the Fairlight Secan MKii


the Fairlight Secan MKii

The Secan MKii and Faran MKii sit together as a family of products as they share many of the same design features including tire clearance, tube shaping, and dynamo integration. Both models are extremely versatile and they can cover everything from commuting to self-sufficient touring. Whereas the recently launched Faran MKii is a dedicated off-road tourer, the Secan MKii is an all-capable gravel bike.

The Secan MKii features custom-shaped and butted Renolds tubing: 853 DZB down tube, 853 seat tube, 853 top tube, and a 631 CNC’d oversized head tube. Both the Secan MKii and the Faran MKii utilize 14mm stays.

Think of the Secan as a more robust off-road machine with an oversized head tube, larger tubing, but the same fat tire (68mm) clearance as the Faran. Both have integrated dynamo setups, Fairlight’s signature dropouts/brake mount design, and beautiful paint jobs.

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