The Cub House Bike Show and Swap: Medici-Built Carnevale C-Record Road

Today was the Cub House’s third annual bike show and swap. While we’ll look at the show itself tomorrow, I couldn’t wait to share the winning bike from the show, this Medici-built Carnevale Road bike. Now, with all bikes like this, there is a backstory. Ralph Carnevale was a major dealer of Medici Bicycles in Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s. His shop sold so many Medici bikes that the Masi-spinoff builder made a whole line of Carnevale Bicycles for Ralph.

When the current owner, Scott, acquired this bike, he built it up with vintage Campagnolo, with those neat Cobalto calipers, an aero Campagnolo water bottle, and plenty of Medici-branded bits, including a pantographed stem. This era saw a lot of experimentation with bicycle design and that beautiful triple triangle is a stunning example. If you’re wondering what Ralph Carnevale is up to these days, the best information I can find is he now runs a handlebar tape company, called Ciclo Dicuoio.

All week we’ll be featuring some more builds from the Cub House’s third annual Bike Show and Swap.


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