The Come Up Confuses Things


The Come Up Confuses Things


The Come Up has posted a little back and forth about his disdain for tricks on fixed gears. It’s a long read and I’m not really sure what to think of it, but one thing’s for sure, the quote in bold is totally wrong:

Adam: Yeah, I mean there’s no doubt that even the top dudes in the fixie ghey scene are really making names for themselves doing what you or I would consider beginner/intermediate level BMX tricks. Which is sort of understandable since all that stuff is fairly new. What really kills me though is the pretense behind it. I’m sure you’re used to seeing Razor scooters at the skatepark just like I am, but as far as I can tell, scooterers don’t seem to have the same dilusion that they’re better than BMXers, while a lot of fixie gheys seem to think that they’re somehow above us. And even then, I’d say that while scooters are a worse form of transportation, they’re dramatically more suited for doing tricks than fixies are. Would you rather share a flat ledge with a fixie or a scooter and why?

Dude, no one I ride with in NYC thinks they’re better than BMXrs. You’re basing this whole argument off your own insecurities. The crew of dudes I ride with always ride with BMXrs. We hang out with them, ride spots and have never had issues. Hell, some of them even RIDE BMX and are really really good. While BMX bikes may be “better suited for tricks”, you have to look at it in its own light. It’s a different thing, not competing with or stealing from BMX in anyway. I never BMX’d and I’ve learned a great deal of bike handling that comes in very helpful when I’m on my road bike or even my track bike.

There are a ton of other holes in the discussion, but that’s the most important one. Now I’m sure I’ll get flamed here for even pointing this out, but whatever. I’ll continue to ride with BMXrs, MTBrs and fixed gear “gheys” or “twats” or whatever. Bikes are bikes. There’s no law written in stone anywhere.

Let people do what they want. We’re not hurting you or the “BMX scene” – we’re here to hang out, ride bikes and have fun.