The Bourbon Diet


The Bourbon Diet


Little did I know when I wrote my piece on weight loss and cycling that people would refer to my progression into fitness as “the bourbon diet.” Yet, a few years later, Bicycling Magazine reached out to me for a brief interview on what many of their staff members have found to be a different, yet tricky way to lose added weight.

“No carbs and fewer calories do not a free pass make, cautions Stanford-based nutritional scientist Stacy Sims, PhD, because your body treats alcohol differently than food. “In order for it to be eliminated from your system, it has to be metabolized. The liver takes the bulk of the job, but some residual hangs out and your body uses it first instead of burning carbs or fat, so it interferes with normal metabolism,” she explains.”

Selene did a great job on the article and it’s worth the read, so head over to Bicycling to check it out!