The 2012 Flag Hatchet Holiday List


The 2012 Flag Hatchet Holiday List

While it’s easy to make a holiday list, it ain’t so easy to point out domestically-manufactured products, especially when it comes to cycling. The following list is not necessarily a cycling gift guide as much as it is a list of some products that I use just about every day and have grown to love.

Personal endorsements aside, there’s something for everyone in there. Some are affordable and some are “investments”. As always, shop locally before clicking the buy it now button and only buy what you need! Or replace a few products with domestically-produced goods… And don’t worry, more holiday lists are coming that look outside the Made in the USA box.

But for now, check out my 2012 Flag Hatchet Holiday List below…

Tanner Goods Camera Strap $105

Chances are, you’ve got a photographer in your life and one of the most overlooked photography accessories are camera straps. You want one that’s going to break in over time, yet be comfy right out of the packaging. After using synthetic straps for years, the switch to leather seemed like an obvious transition.

I have two of these Tanner Goods camera straps and they are incredible. The leather is soft and even though it takes a little time to adjust, it’s well worth the investment. Also, why not pick up more leather goods while you’re there? Made in Portland.

King Cage Products $17 – $60

A flask holder that mounts to your saddle rails? Brilliant! Fill it up with some choice bourbon and you’ve got a recipe for radness. Whether you’re a fan of the new King Cage Mud Flask ($35) or not, you can’t deny the allure of a Ti bottle cage.  At $60 bucks a pop, they fit into the luxury bicycle accessory that people want, but are very unlikely to purchase themselves, i.e. the perfect gift!

Outlier Top Pack $98

Before you cry in agony at the price of this package, these goods aren’t your mother’s cotton alternatives. The 100% Italian merino yarn Watch Cap is a must have for the cold winter months. Top it off with a Superfine 18.8 micron merino fabric for a scarf and you’ve got warm weeks ahead.

Actual Pain Pentangled Denim $149

Finding skinny jeans that fit my legs is a real pain, especially anything made in the USA. They’re either skin tight and woven with lycra or covered with shit logos. Leave it to Seattle’s Actual Pain to behead that beast. Slim-fitting, minimally branded, made in the USA and durable. These aren’t cycling jeans but they don’t inhibit me from riding…

Hold Fast Keychain $7.95

All black, simple, utilitarian and so far, I’ve yet to lose my keys. I’d say that constitutes as a great key chain, at a great price.

Cuppow Freaker Jar Insulator $7.99

Manufactured by Freaker in North Carolina, these fit-all insulation sleeves go over your Cuppow-equipped Mason Jar toppers or your favorite beverage of choice.

Topo Designs Ursa Major Dopp Kit $125

Dammit! Take care of your skin and get a rad bag while you’re at it. The Topo Designs Dopp bag is perfect for traveling with bike tools, packing your “green”, camera gear and just about anything else, including skin care products from Ursa Major.

Oakley Radarlock Sunglasses $220

Oakley is one of the few sunglasses companies that are made in the USA. While the Radarlock may be too sporty for use off the bike, I’ve really fallen for the profile and fit while riding. Zero blindspots, lightweight and with the easiest lens swap system I’ve used, these are top-notch.

DeFeet Wool Products $20-$40

I don’t know where you live but just about everyone can use wool cycling products. Even those cool cats in LA have to deal with chilly mornings and descents down the 2. Pick up some of DeFeet’s affordable products before buying more cotton.

Chris King Tamper $85

Coffee. Cyclists love coffee. In fact, they might love coffee more than they love Chris King. Might…


Hopefully that gives you a few products to start off with. Comments? Questions? Leave them below! Got a product you’re psyched on? Share that too!