That Was It


That Was It

That Was It from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Last Monday when Drew Leshko came into town, we went to a few local spots and rode. Chris met up with us at the bottom of the Wburg bridge where I was trying to get the balls to pull this one line. I’ve full-cab’d these stairs before but never caught it on video. The last time I tried to film it, I landed on my front wheel which catapulted me onto my face. This time, I was there, it was so close and well…

It’s nothing special but with Empire pulling to a close and Bootleg Sessions over, I wanna start filming short clips of my riding, since I’ve never really done that before. Once I’m healed up, I’ll head back out but like I said in my OOPM interview, hurting myself doing fixed freestyle puts a damper on the other forms of cycling I enjoy. Bummer!