That Was a Haul!


That Was a Haul!


Yesterday, at 4am I packed up my ’96 Tacoma with a few essentials, two bikes, a cooler with Topo Chico and left for Los Angeles. I had originally planned on camping in Arizona, but decided to push through in one go. 21 hours later: one I-10 Sniper, a pack of almonds, four Topo Chicos, two of those horrible Starbucks canned coffees, salty pretzles, approximately $200 in gas and a tuna sandwich, I found myself in Los Angeles in my new home.

I still have another trip out planned at the end of the month with a UHaul packed with bikes, records and my office supplies, but the biggest emotional barrier has been hopped.

Thanks for understanding my business this week with the move. Things will pick up again next week, promise.