Tears for Gears: Period-Exact Paris-Roubaix Lemond


Tears for Gears: Period-Exact Paris-Roubaix Lemond

Some people build bikes as a way to glimpse into the past. They’ll call it “period correct”, meaning everything on the bike was from a specific time period in cycling’s vast history. Whether it’s a British path racer, a Frejus from the 1960’s or a mid-90’s Italian track bike, bicycle junkies worldwide spend months of their lives tracking down the appropriate parts for the bicycle build of their dreams. To celebrate the 2010 Paris-Roubaix, Jeremy at Tears for Gears has built a “period-exact” replica of Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle’s Lemond from 1994.

He’s got every single detail dialed down. I don’t want to post any more photos because I can’t even come close to interpreting the passion and dedication it takes to do such a thing. For the full story, head over to Tears for Gears and if you want to ride this bike, head to the Brooklyn Pavé ride on Sunday!

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