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Woof: Cog Jingle

This latest piece of work from Woof needs no explanation. I’ve been digging your new illustrations man! Keep at it.

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Gibranos and His Pias

Gibranos, aka WOOF, posted tis on his Facebook a while back but I never found the high-res image to post. Here he is, with his Pias track bike, wearing the Raidô viking tee. Man, maybe I should do another run of those?

Oct 5, 2012 6 comments
Woof Jakarta’s Last Post

I was very, very surprised and saddened to see this on my RSS this morning, first thing. Woof Jakarta has decided to shut down the blog. I’ll still be watching it though, in hopes it will pop back up.

Aug 15, 2012 2 comments
Woof Jakarta: Why Do You Like Riding a Bicycle? 01

I had the pleasure of meeting Woof while in Jakarta. We nearly spent 24 hours a day together and so it was a little sad on the last day when he asked us all to do a “Why do you like riding a bicycle?” video. Here’s the first two in the series, featuring Tyler and Walton. I had so much fun with these two in Indonesia…

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Woof: Happiness on a Bicycle

I’m digging the British vibes Woof is putting out in this new sketch. I spy a Titan Luxe bar and stem and a Chater Lea headset. Keep it up man, more of this.

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