Custom With a Conscience: A Shop Visit with Terra Rossa Gear


Custom With a Conscience: A Shop Visit with Terra Rossa Gear

It’s 8am and we’re out in the not-so-salubrious outer suburb of Campbellfield, a 45-minute drive north of Melbourne CBD. A bruised-up Subaru sits parked outside an industrial workshop with all its doors flung open, and the sound of Don Williams’s country classic “Tulsa Time” fills the air. With some trepidation, we draw closer. A pair of skis erupt from the passenger side window. Anoraks and half-finished sleeping bags lay strewn across the backseat, while a huge roll of fabric pierces through the car, like that motorway scene in Final Destination 2. Did we take a wrong turn somewhere off the highway?

Singing with Don as he walks down the stairs, Evan spots us loitering by his car. “Hey guys!” he shouts. “Welcome to the Terra Rosa playground! Apologies for the car, it’s not stolen. There’s been an unreal dump these last few days and I’m getting ready for some snow adventures in the high-country.” Of course we were in the right place: we were standing at the palace gates of Terra Rosa Gear.


Freitag and Brompton’s New Spin on Backpacks

Freitag began making bags in 1993 from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts, resulting in beautiful, graphically unique backpacks. Brompton began building folding bike for urban transport and more in 1976. These two brands worked together recently on a backpack that attaches to the Brompton and we think it’s pretty dang slick. See the full drop and all the info at Brompton.