Carradice Barley Saddle Bag


Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

Andy from FYXO and I were joking about product reviews when we finished up our walkabout. He said something to the extent of “if that bag survived our ride, then it’s worth a review”. There’s nothing pretty about a saddle bag on a road or cross bike but sometimes you need some extra cargo room. Since I was carrying my camera gear and food in my backpack, I wanted to be able to throw my clothes and other gear on the bike somewhere.

Blakey had this Carradice Barley Saddle Bag and Bagman Sport Support quick-release rack in Melbourne, so I borrowed it. Initially skeptical, Andy and Dan looked at the bag and implied that I’d know how secure it was after the first day… But alas, all weathered fine.

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