VIDEO: Vermont Sugar Trails

Orbea takes us on a look at the spectacular Vermont fall riding. With vibrant changing colors of the leaves and sweet smells that fill your lungs as you ride, the trail system encompassing this sugar wonderland provides a place for harmony and community. The careful maintenance of the land by both the sugar makers and the Vermont Mountain Bike Association ensures this will be a sustainable ecosystem to continue to enjoy for generations to come…

Happily Stuck in Hardtail Jail: A Look at Spencer’s Orbea Loki


Happily Stuck in Hardtail Jail: A Look at Spencer’s Orbea Loki

To fill in the gaps between normal, group-ride-oriented bicycle stories, we’re featuring a few rides from the staff over here at the Radavist, beginning with Spencer’s Orbea Loki.

When it was finally time for me to accept that my fatbike just wasn’t that good of a trail bike, I looked to the next best thing, a plus bike.  I finagled my way into Interbike a few years back and made it my mission to ride all the plus bikes at the dirt demo.  Turns out they were damn fun, the Advocate (now Esker) Hayduke was the winner of the day in my eyes, right in front of the newly updated Karate Monkey.  At the time I worked for a guide company that had a fleet or Orbea’s bikes, and they sent our company a closeout list with some discounted bikes at cost. I saw a swoopy aluminum 27.5+ hardtail that looked like it might just be the ticket.  I figured I could fit an XL and hopefully, that would give me the most framebag space since I planned to use this as that ever-fleeting idea of a quiver killer.