Radar Roundup: eeSilk Stem, Laufey Hardtail, Silver Cranks, Elephant Cargo Fork, and Art of the Grind


Radar Roundup: eeSilk Stem, Laufey Hardtail, Silver Cranks, Elephant Cargo Fork, and Art of the Grind

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Cane Creek eeSilk Stem $229.99

Cane Creek has expanded its ee-lineup with a new eeSilk Stem. This stem, like the eeSilk Seat Post, is a fatigue-reducing compliance stem that noticeably reduces vibrations on variable terrain. With up to 20mm of tunable compliance, an easy single bolt external elastomer change and a soft/firm compliance switch – the eeSilk Stem makes any road, no matter the terrain, smoother. There’s even a lockout for when you prefer to have a tight cockpit. Check out all the details at Cane Creek!

Orbea’s Laufey Aluminum 140mm 29er Hardtail $1999 – $2999

Over the past few years, a number of affordable hardtails have popped up from bigger brands, including Orbea with its new Laufey aluminum 29er hardtail. Sporting a bottle mount and a cargo mount inside the main triangle, a very progressive geometry, custom hydroformed aluminum profiles, and a 140mm travel fork. Let’s just say, our interests are piqued over here. Roll on over to Orbea to see more.

Apriko Bikes’ Elephant Cargo Fork 960 – 1100 €

Apriko Bikes developed the Elephant Cargo Fork as an adapter solution for entering the world of cargo bikes. A normal, 1 1/8″ inch steerer bike frame can be transformed into an agile and compact cargo bike, with a rigid, foldable cargo area and a smaller 20-inch front wheel. You can see more and support this project by ordering one of the three designs above (the color hasn’t been chosen yet, hence the quad-color mock-up) at Start Next.

Rivendell Silver 2-Piece Cranks in Stock $280

Tired of the lack of silver cranks available? Want something different for your next touring, commuter, or gravel bike? Rivendell just received a shipment of both their 2-Piece and 3-Piece (Square Taper BB) cranks in 167mm, 172mm, 177mm, and 182mm lengths. These T6 aluminum cranks are minimally branded and a 169mm q-factor. Check out more at Rivendell!



The Art of Grind

Since the 1800s bicycles have been a powerful liberating tool, starting with the first faltering pedal strokes of a child daring to venture a little further from home. Yet, somewhere in our cultural trajectory, many of us have forgotten the power of this simple machine to build community. This film celebrates the “Run what you brung” adage, and reminds us that, however we choose to engage with the ever changing world of cycling, there is more that brings us together than sets us apart.


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Jacob spent some time touring around the Sahara and Morocco and we’re digging the photos and story he made. Check out more at his website!

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