Freehub Magazine: Stronger Together Identity and Endurance with Alexandera Houchin

It has taken time for Alexandera Houchin to weave layers of her identity together. First and foremost, Alexandera is an Ojibwe woman. She’s also an artist, a farmer, a mechanic, a cyclist and a person who cares deeply about her community on the Fond Du Lac reservation near Cloquet, Minnesota. “Stronger Together” takes an intimate look into Alexandera’s life while examining concepts of identity, forgiveness and what it means to merge seemingly different aspects of your soul in order to continue moving forward, one pedal stroke at a time.

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Freehub Mag: The Solution – Craig Bierly’s Wanderlust Way

This one really resonates:

“You can buy just about anything in this world but time, and Craig Bierly is a man who truly understands the sacred and finite gift of time. After dedicating 26 years of his life to the aerospace industry, he could have comfortably retired to a sedentary life in a big house, but he opted instead for a nomadic life in his van—long before #vanlife became a hipster trend and hashtag. More than a decade after his retirement, Bierly is still on the road, chasing his dream of riding as much United States singletrack as he possibly can until his own time on the Earth runs out.”

Great job on this, Freehub!


Bougie Backwoods Vacation in Oregon

Right about now, people are dreaming about dry trails and end-of-season conditions. Well, the team at Freehub just posted a video from late 2019, featuring the Free Radicals and three friends, who spent a week in the backwoods of Oregon.


Bikepacking the Arizona Trail with Freehub Magazine

Our friends at Freehub recently bikepacked the AZT and created a beautiful video showcasing this ride. “Without an agenda, time becomes irrelevant. When it comes to bikepacking, this is the perfect mindset to have. Void of all expectations and obligations, Jackie Paaso and Stan Jorgensen set off on a three-day, 90-mile mission on the Arizona Trail, embracing the moment and abiding only by the rhythm of mother nature.”