Kona Showcases the Users of the Remote 160 e-MTB Users

Look, e-bikes are polarizing but over the past few months, the users I’ve met on the trail are always the ones with a physical ailment like a vet who lost feeling in his leg from shrapnel while overseas, or the woman in her 50’s who just can’t do the climb as well anymore due to a hip surgery. I think the more we realize e-bikes open the door for more users, the better off we’ll all be. Sure, there will always be people who abuse power, but I just hope the positives can outweigh the negatives. Man, that’s a lot of battery puns in one post!

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Lighter, Faster, and… a Bigger Battery

It looks like e-bikes are here to stay, whether the hordes of angry cyclists like it or not. Specialized launches into their new Turbo Levo marketing campaign with quite the video. I’m really enjoying this series! Where’s the Nohlin cameo next?


The Coastal Crew on the Turbo Kenevo

Leave it to Specialized and the Coastal Crew to make a pair of e-bikes look fun. Perhaps because it doesn’t really show them “climbing?” This is for sure to open a can of worms, beat a dead horse, wash mud pies, fish in an empty barrel, checking a rooster for eggs, sweeping a dirt floor, or any number of other idioms. Regardless, that is one fun looking trail.