Floyd’s of Leadville Expands their CBD Supplements


Floyd’s of Leadville Expands their CBD Supplements

Floyd’s of Leadville has expanded their CBD oil line, with multiple options now, in various milligram or milliliter servings. CBD oil has changed my recovery process and helped me get a better night’s sleep after big days on the bike. That’s not just a pitch either and I’ll go one step further. Two months ago, I decided to take some time off from alcohol. It was running my life and I was using it to disconnect or unwind from a busy day, but mostly it helped me sleep at night. The problem is, as I get older, alcohol takes a beating on my body and I just felt like shit all the time. I switched to smoking more weed and taking these Floyd’s of Leadville CBD capsules to aid in sleeping, or smoking a mellow sativa-high weed. After two months, I feel better, both about myself and about my riding. Which is very important since my job is bikes!

Now, not everyone can walk into a dispensary and buy weed. I understand that, but these capsules will ship anywhere in the US since CBD oil is natural, THC-free supplement. It really does make a difference. Hell, I even give my dog a pet CBD supplement to help his arthritis. See more information at Floyd’s of Leadville!