Swift Industries releases its 2020 Collection with the transformed Zeitgeist on center-stage.


Swift Industries releases its 2020 Collection with the transformed Zeitgeist on center-stage.

We at the Radavist are very excited to have our hands on two of these redesigned bags so stay tuned for a full-fledged review in the coming months!

Swift Industries® unveils its 2020 product-line with the Zeitgeist Saddle and Handlebar Bag in the limelight. The improvements to the Zeitgeist mark an inspiring step for the cult brand’s design trajectory as the female-led team went full steam ahead to elevate Swift Industries’ top-selling bag from an already notorious saddle bag to moonlight as an equally hailed handlebar bag.

Swift’s Senior Product Designer, Ilana Holmes, let the Zeitgeist redesign lead the charge as she enhanced the aesthetics, honed the production processes, and added durability through materials innovation to the Zeitgeist and the other bags in its collection. Swift’s co-owner and CEO, Martina Brimmer shares, “We saw our customer community mounting the old Zeitgeist Saddle Bag to the bars and that was it: we knew we could follow our customers’ lead and make sharp design changes to the existing Zeitgeist design that would give the bag uncompromising integrity under-the-saddle and the handlebars.” The brand’s entire 2020 Collection marks a step over the threshold in the advancement of Swift Industries’ product design.

2020 Zeitgeist Key Design Features

-Die-cut Coverlite™ bicycle-attachment feature, with mounting points for saddle-bag-loops as well as handlebar spacing.
-Voile™ straps replace leather, making the bag vegan
-Lightweight HDPE insert added to improve structure and thus the stability of the bag
-Side pockets fold intuitively out of the way when they’re empty, improving the bag’s compatibility with a range of handlebar widths.
-A central compression strap pulls the weight of the bag closer to the rider to improve stability on rugged terrain.
-Elastic draw-cord allows for easier stuffing and rummaging in the main compartment while on-the-go.
-Water resistance improved with the elimination of flap seams

Check out the new product and tutorial here