Surly: Waxed Canvas Jacket


Surly: Waxed Canvas Jacket



Surly’s new Waxed Canvas Jacket looks even better in person than in their product shots. I was waiting until I could see and touch one before I posted about it. This thing is serious. It’s made from, yep, waxed canvas, with venting on the backshoulders, “bum thumb” holes and lined with merino wool but the details don’t stop there.

It comes in black and olive drab, with a retail of $250, which when you compare it to other waxed canvas jackets, is a deal. It’s only available at a select few retailers. See the list below.

One On One Studio: Minneapolis, MN

Angry Catfish: Minneapolis, MN

Box Dog Bikes: San Francisco, CA

Salvagetti: Denver, CO

21st Ave. Bikes: Portland, OR

Old Spokes Home: Burlington, VT


Bicycle Revolutions: Philadelphia, PA