Summer Showers


Summer Showers

It doesn’t rain much here in Austin, so when it does, it becomes evening entertainment. Yesterday was Tony’s last day in town (if you’ve been wondering why posts have been thin this past week, it’s because we’ve been riding a lot). As we returned from a BBQ dinner, the sky opened up just as the sun was setting. These minutes before the storm always make for very dramatic photos and as the sky illuminated with diffused lighting cracks, I shot some photos with my f1.2 50mm wide open at 6400ISO.

It’s not often that I post up photos like this but I’ve known Tony for 6 years now and in that time, we’ve become great friends. It’s still kinda funny to both of us that fixed freestyle brought together two completely different dudes: one from South Jersey and one from North Carolina. Now that Tony’s in Santa Barbara and I’m in Austin, we see each other twice a year, which seems to be the norm for family and friends to visit.

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