State Bicycle Co’s Social Distancing Challenge


State Bicycle Co’s Social Distancing Challenge

It’s refreshing to see brands use these troubling times for some healthy and fun competition, all while benefiting key organizations. State Bicycle Co is running a social distancing challenge to see how far you can ride between now and April 5th in timed increments of 30, 60, or 100 minutes.

Here are the details:
-Riders choose their division we have 30/60/120 min options for Men and W/T/F and indoor and outdoor options.
-Riders can ride up to their allotted time but CAN NOT go over.
-State will have leaderboards to see who can ride the most DISTANCE over the set time.
-Registration is $5, everyone gets a patch who submits a ride, all profits 50/50 split between Aids Life Cycle and No Kid Hungry.
-State is encouraging people to ride solo only if they can not ride safely outdoors, as they have an indoor option.

See more information at State Bicycle Co.