Slam X Hype on Bike Snob NYC


Slam X Hype on Bike Snob NYC


All toy track bike herbs make sure to study

Here we go again!

Snobby, you’ve finally made it buddy. A little background on the author of the post too.

Timothy Walkiewicz is a Lower Manhattan Based Dustward Artist interested in riding his bicycle, drinking espresso, making and eating vegan food, and getting deep with his friends and family. Tim makes art about what things look like to him. His interests lie in the dialogue and character of people and objects both animate and inanimate in the city and in the recesses of the dustward. He works in a variety of mediums, feeling as comfortable creating and animating vector graphics as he does while brushing out detailed, water color illustrations. In his spare time he has been known to smash a block or two with tags. His work with video and cartooning is evolving daily creating a hectic unfolding Universe of motion, film, color, and sound.