Sizemore Bicycle: Tyler Johnson and the TT Model Prototype


Sizemore Bicycle: Tyler Johnson and the TT Model Prototype


Tyler has been talking about this for months. He hit me and others up asking what we thought was important for a 700c freestyle bike and now, the TT Model prototype by Sizemore Bicycle is done. While Sizemore doesn’t have anything up on their blog yet, Zlog has this statement from Taylor and Tyler (TT):

“This is the prototype for the TT Model bike that I will be doing a production run of in house. Tyler and I have been working on the design for this for a little while, and now it’s test time. TJ will be riding the frame for a few months making any notes about the design and getting this thing perfect before we commence production. We are looking at doing a run of 20 or so frames to start, they will come in two sizes, size 1, and size 2. We are using True Temper Supertherm BMX tubing, which is very strong, and as far as we can tell by my bathroom scale, light as well.
We will be releasing updates and improvements as we know them.
Taylor Sizemore
Tyler Johnson”

Check out more photos at the Sizemore Flickr! Fuck yeah, made in the USA. I sense a bunch of kids venturing out on their own now.