Silca’s StripChip and Ultimate Chain Wax System


Silca’s StripChip and Ultimate Chain Wax System

Announced today, Silca’s new Ultimate Chain Wax System and the Silca StripChip looks to revolutionize the at-home chain waxing system. The kit includes a Silca waxing station, so save your old crock pots! Let’s look at it below…

Developed by Silca, who needs no introduction here, the Silca StripChip disrupts traditional chain cleaning methods with its innovative and user-friendly approach. Gone are the days of harsh hardware store chemistry sets and time-consuming processes. Silca StripChip offers a cleaner, faster, and more environmentally friendly way to keep your drivetrain running smoothly and extend its lifespan. Making chain waxing the ONLY step of the process.

How it Works:

While developing Chain Stripper, Silca CEO Josh Poertner fell down a chemistry revolution occurring in the food industry known as oleogelation. This new concept developed to replace hydrogenation for food oils, for health benefits, also showed promise at converting lubrication oils into solids.

This simple chemistry takes base oils which would normally act as solvents inside of waxes and converts them into binders that connect and extend wax molecule chains. Just a few minutes at the right temperature and oils and greases inside the factory lubed chain, convert into highly lubricious, long chain wax/lubricant molecules right inside of your hot wax.



Simply drop one square of StripChip into your hot melt wax, let it melt, then drop in your new factory chain and let it work its oleogelation magic. For StripChip to be most effective, it needs to be carefully controlled at a hotter temperature than typical waxing (125ºC compared to 75ºC).

Enter the Silca Ultimate Chain Wax System. The first bicycle chain optimized, temperature-adjustable wax system (75-125ºC / 167-257ºF). This all-in-one system has a 600 ml (just over 20 oz) pot, chain hanging coupler, as well as a drip stand. Drop in about 400g of wax, one square of strip chip, set the temperature to 125ºC and your factory chain is ready to wax.

The system allows for the full range of chain waxing temperatures from 75ºC (perfect for Secret Chain Blend) to 85ºC (perfect for HotWaxX) to 125ºC which is the exact oleogelation temperature needed for StripChip.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless Cleaning: Forget the hardware store chemistry sets, soaking, and
    time! The Silca StripChip does the arduous work for you while your chain is in the wax.
  • Faster Process: Clean your chain in a fraction of the time compared to traditional
    methods. Spend less time cleaning and more time riding.
  • Extended Chain Life: Chain waxing extends drive train life and makes you
    more efficient. StripChip makes the process of chain waxing more efficient
  • Developed for Silca Secret Chain Blend: For best results, use with Silca Secret
    Chain Blend hot melt wax and the Silca Ultimate Chain Wax System.
  • All-in-one system with chain coupler and hanger included.
  • Temperature control produces the best performance possible.
  • It looks more dialed than your ole crockpot setup.
  • 600 ml pot for easy, mess-free waxing.


The Silca StripChip is available for purchase online and at select bike shops nationwide with a US retail price of $24.00.

The Silca Ultimate Wax System is available for purchase online and at select bike shops nationwide with a US retail price of $99.00.

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