Shots from the Road: 12.20.2011


Shots from the Road: 12.20.2011


Inspired by a night ride that Kyle took me on while I was in LA (that ended rather quickly due to three simultaneous flats from goat heads), I decided today to take my Milwaukee Orange One off-road through the Greenbelt here in Austin. It’s the first time I’ve done the whole trail and it’s anything but an easy feat on a cross bike. There are tons of rock gardens and a lot of super techy patches. Luckily, the only part I had great difficulty with climbing was the Hill of Life, which I had to dismount a number of times to get up. The theme of the day was smart lines mean no flats.

I had a blast and it was damn beautiful out. It’s amazing how a few weeks of rain rejuvenate the hills of Austin. The swimming holes were filled with bright blue water and the trails were muddy as shit. It was a great ride. The Orange One gave me no issues, save for a few leaves that got stuck in the caliper brakes. Next up: Paul Racers…

Check out my route here and if you haven’t ridden this trail, you ought to.